31Mar 2011
MSS Website

Tropical Solutions launches MSS website http://mss-jo.com

and delivers it to its respected client.Modern Scientific Supplies (MSS) is a Jordanian Distributor for Scientific and Laboratory Instruments, Established in 1997

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01Jan 2011
OnlineB4 website

Tropical Solutions launches OnlineB4 website http://onlineb4.com
and delivers it to its respected client.OnlineB4 is a website for browsing clothing, jewelry and accessories from
stores throughout Jordan.

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01Oct 2010
Direct Pay Website

The official Direct Pay website has launched at http://www.dpay.jo,DPAY payment system is a service provided by Universal Direct Payment Services LLC in cooperation with local banks, utility companies, telecommunications companies and other partners.

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08Aug 2010
On Track Travel Website

Tropical Solutions launches On Track Travel (AL-SADARA for Travel and Tourism) website and delivers it to its respected client. On Track Travel is a Jordanian company specializing in travel and tourism services, and acting as a member of IATA.

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22Mar 2010
Jordan Tourism Services website

Tropical Solutions launches Jordan Tourism Services website and delivers it to its respected client. Jordan Tourism Services is the largest website in Jordan which provides tourism services ..

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01Dec 2009
HSI launched

High Studies Institute (HSI) website, launched today, Dec.1, at (http://www.highstudies.com), High Studies Institute is regarded as one of the oldest institutes for private training in the state of Kuwait.

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16Aug 2009

TS has signed an agreement with International Journal Of Clinical Skills (IJOCS) to create a system named CliniTube to be a part of IJOCS website, for research of Clinical Skills Documents.

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03Aug 2009
Aldaoud Group website launched

http://www.aldaoudgroup.net Any traveler to Jordan has to see some of Jordan's prime attractions.

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